Anagaion: Experiencing the Upper Room

Christian Studies led by Tony Woods - gifted teacher, pastor and former missionary.

February and March 2017


Part One: Where Did We Come From?


God’s work in the world follows a distinct pattern that points to His purpose and plan for us, His most precious creation. From the Garden of Eden, we see Him choosing, rejecting, judging and saving. Then we see four hundred years of ominous silence, known as the “Intertestamental Period”, followed by the birth of Jesus and a new covenant for God’s people. The last book of the Bible, Revelation, tells of the end of all things and a hint of heaven to come. But until that time, beginning with the book of Acts, is a time we call the “Age of the Church”. Church history began long before you were born. If all you know is what you observe today, you might well have a distorted image of the church as an institution. In the first section of the course called “Anagaion”, we will consider the question, “Where did we come from?” We’ll begin by following God’s footprints all the way back to the foundations of His Church, seeing where He has been in history and from that gaining an understanding of where He intends to go. By following this well-documented path, you will gain a clearer understanding of what the church today is all about, and how we as God’s people, fit into this wonderful tapestry of creation.


Join us for a five week commitment, as we enjoy a feast of information, discussion and oh yes, food.


Session One: The age of catholic Christianity: 70 AD to 312AD

  • Four reasons for the phenomenal growth of the church in Rome

  • The beginning of persecution: three reasons why Christians were targeted


Session Two: Bibles and Bishops

  • Events that led to the compiling of the Bible

  • The rise of the Bishop, and what it means to us


Session Three: The age of Christendom, 590AD to 1517AD

  • A look at events leading to the church’s role as a world power

  • Corruption in the church


Session Four: Defenders of the Faith

  • The rise of discontent

  • Here come the monks


Session Five: The Lines Are Drawn

  • Fundamental differences between Catholic and Protestant

  • Essential things we hold in common

  • The Church: a community of light