31st July 2020


Dear Reedy Creek Baptist Church,

The Hillcrest Christian College Board has recently been considering the best governance arrangements to support the continued success of Hillcrest.

A proposal to transfer membership in the College to Queensland Baptists was accepted by the Members of Hillcrest Christian College Limited at the Annual General Meeting last Sunday.  In effect, this means that the College Board appointments will become the responsibility of Queensland Baptists who would be involved in Hillcrest in addition to their other schools.

The Board would like to thank the Reedy community for their prayers for guidance leading to last Sunday’s AGM and to the Company Members who participated in this important meeting.

Hillcrest is a substantial business and its governance needs are becoming increasingly complex as the educational needs of students continue to evolve. Transferring membership to Queensland Baptists will mean that the Board will have access to a wider pool of people with specialist skills, knowledge, and experience to join the Board to assist with developing the future strategy of the College. It also means that Hillcrest will maintain its strong Christian principles and the connection to Reedy Creek Baptist Church.

We are confident that the involvement of Queensland Baptists will strengthen Hillcrest’s foundations to equip Hillcrest’s students to fulfil their God-given potential and continue to build a strong community underpinned by our faith. Hillcrest is looking at tangible ways in which the school acknowledges Palm Beach/Reedy Creek Baptist’s history and contribution over 39-years, and the church’s continual involvement with the school’s ministry and mission.

Also at the AGM, Jame Lewis, Lyn Deacon and Tony Woods were returned as Board Directors.


Kind Regards


Lyn Deacon, Steve Hardy, Kim Horne, Jeff Ireland, Jame Lewis (Board Chair), David Moyes, Tony Woods