Online Services

Reedy's House Churches (Online Services) premieres on Reedy's YouTube Channel each Sunday at 9am. They feature the same speaker, topic, announcements, and sharing spots as what people experience on that same Sunday at the church's centre.  Press here to hear more about the vision for Reedy House Churches. 

Two Guys Encounter Jesus | Luke 24:9-32

Years ago the producers of Sesame Street faced a dilemma. Will Lee, the actor who played Mr. Hooper, passed away, and the producers were faced with how to communicate the concept of death to the 10 million children (most of whom are under 6 years of age) who watched the show. Child psychologists suggested they NOT say, “Mr. Hooper got sick and died,” because children get sick and they are not going to die. And the psychologists suggested they NOT say, “Mr. Hooper got old and died,” because little children think of their parents as being old. And the staff of Sesame Street decided to avoid religious issues and NOT say, “Mr. Hooper died and went to Heaven.” So the show’s producers decided to s

Jesus’ Encounter With Zacchaeus | Luke 19:1-10

Judith Smith stepped out on to the balcony of her sixth floor flat. Across the courtyard, the caretaker was going about his morning duties. She waved a cheery good morning to him, and saw his equally cheerful reply. As he turned his back, she took a deep breath, a last look at her empty apartment, stepped over the edge of her balcony, and crashed to her death on the pavement below. In her apartment, they found a note that read, “It is no use living any more. My husband is dead and I am alone. Nobody ever knocks at my door. My phone never rings. I cannot face this loneliness any more”. When the caretaker heard about her note of loneliness, he said that if he knew beforehand, he and his wife c