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Reedy's House Churches (Online Services) premieres on Reedy's YouTube Channel each Sunday at 9am. They feature the same speaker, topic, announcements, and sharing spots as what people experience on that same Sunday at the church's centre.  Press here to hear more about the vision for Reedy House Churches. 

My life’s a mess, can I still follow Jesus?

So the series we have been talking about is the one of: ‘ My life is a mess, can I still follow Jesus?’ Well……………….nah you can’t!!!! Of course you can!! Let just say this, Jesus died on the cross! For those of you who might be a little desensitised to the Jesus story, allow me to refresh your memory. Let me start at the beginning the God who created heaven and earth and you and me by the way sent is only son to earth. According to me if he just walked the earth and died a natural death that would have been enough for me. Why do I say that? Well because a divine God that walks earth is humbling enough don’t you reckon? That was not enough however because God being God wanted to do it perfec

Preach The Word and Do What It Says | 2 Timothy 4:1-8; James 1:19-27

I have consulted with many churches during my 30-years of ministry and sadly most churches fail to reach their full potential because their memories are bigger than their dreams. They spend more energy recalling and celebrating the past than on contemplating the future. The late John R.W. Stott, an English theologian, wrote, “Vision begins with a holy discontent with the way things are.” Often discouragement may set in, even bitterness. And the lighthouse God called into existence only emits a weak light. But with a vision, the future begins to grow and become clear and larger than the past and present. Discouragement and complacency are replaced with hope. The Apostle Paul was given a visio

What did Jesus really say about money? | Luke 19:11-24;27, Luke 12:16, Luke 16:8

I would like to start this evening by putting a context around what I wish to preach on this evening This is the environment of Ministry today In the past There seemed to be a Christian. World view held by most people in this country Not necessary believers but had a conscience and respect for God Today it is more common to have a humanistic world view amplified by an ever increasingly diversified culture and religions This makes it more difficult to share the gospel with such a plethora of beliefs compounded by living in a wealthy society. There is nothing wrong with wealth, in fact it is a much more comfortable lifestyle and I believe God has no problem with it either, and in Luke he chast