Online Services

Reedy's House Churches (Online Services) premieres on Reedy's YouTube Channel each Sunday at 9am. They feature the same speaker, topic, announcements, and sharing spots as what people experience on that same Sunday at the church's centre.  Press here to hear more about the vision for Reedy House Churches. 

Thirsting For God | Psalm 34

Three weeks ago, we commenced a new series, looking at 10 Psalms that we have grown to love. Google lists the Psalms that we will be looking at up till and including Father’s Day, as the most popular psalms that people look for. Two weeks ago, we looked at what the Book of Psalms are about and we also looked at perhaps the most popular Psalm – Psalm 23 – The Lord Is My Shepherd. Last Sunday we looked at Psalm 34 where verse 8 many have love – “Taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalms 34:8 NIV). Today we are looking at Psalm 42. It’s a well-known Psalm that was popularized by the Maranatha Singers in 1981. But I’m guessing that we have grown to like it as many can relate with the psalmis

He Leads Me | Psalm 23

I’m not sure what you think about this video clip version of Psalm 23. To me, perhaps to most, when we think of the 23rdPsalm we may think of green fields, the kind that I saw just last month in the UK. I mean, after all, David did say in verse 2, “He makes me lie down in green pastures” (Psalms 23:2 NIV). When David wrote this, he knew what shepherding was all about. He himself was a shepherd when he was younger. In those days, as it still is today, the land that the shepherds guided and protected their sheep seems so barren. What I find interesting is amongst the ugliness of these barren lands there is a beauty which brings out the more authentic meaning. More about this in a moment. Today