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January 31 – Spiritual Awakening

Welcome back to our last day of Reedy in Prayer. Thank you to all those who have been faithfully praying in unison throughout this month. I wonder how God will answers our prayers. I want to conclude this series on prayer by praying for a spiritual awakening in our church and community. One of my previous elders once shared his goal: “Envisage a means whereby any spiritual apathy or complacency is overcome through prayer and that a spiritual awakening and growth will take place on many levels enabling a greater impact on our surrounding communities”. I like that. The writer of Psalm 85 wrote: “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalms 85:6 NIV). And that’s something that we must ask, seek, and pray for. That God will revive us by the power of His Holy Spirit. In united prayer, let’s do that now!

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I have thoroughly loved and been blessed by the month in prayer series. Thank you for your leadership.

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