This Is The One | Luke 2:21-35

At the beginning of this year, Leisl let it slip that maybe I would like a dog for my birthday. Now you need to understand that Leisl is not a doggy kinda person. She never had a dog as a kid. In fact, the only pet she had was a gold fish which one jumped out of its bowl and died. Leisl never grew up with pets. I, on the other hand, grew up with pets – dogs, cats, fish, blue tongue lizards, chooks and ducks, tortoises, mice. I think my mum was very patient with us Moyes’ boys.

When Leisl and I got married, I was very obedient and didn’t have pets, unless you call chooks pets. For 28-years poor me didn’t have a dog. Its one of those sacrifices you make in marriages.

Not being a dog person, Leisl never got why dog owners like having dogs.

Well, earlier this year, in a very weak moment Leisl kinda hinted about a getting a dog for me. Even though it was the slightest hint, I capitalized on it. I masterfully maneuvered this conversation to let her think that getting a dog perhaps is good idea – such as, I would come home earlier to be with her and the dog, that we could go walking together with the dog and get fit in doing so.

I rung up some of her good friends who happened to be dog owners and asked if they could help me out and so they suggested to Leisl that they could catchup while their dogs can play.

Well Leisl became more open and started helping me to search for one. We decided on the breed and just waited until some came available. One day we saw a litter of 8 pups and looking at their photos we choose one. From time to time the breeder sent an updated photo of our little pup.

Then the day came. Leisl and I were in Glenn Innes in NSW and just before we were to pick up our new puppy Leisl decided to ask me some questions:

Video – Leisl interviewing David re puppy.

Well, after years wanting a dog, then choosing a pup and looking at updated photos, the time came to collect him by the breeder. When I saw the breeder pull up and said to Leisl that that’s him and out I hoped and walked across to him as he took our pup out of his car. Then I saw my pup and a surreal feeling came over me as I said “He is the one”. For whatever reasons I was nervous about whatever about him but when I saw him I knew that he was the one.

And perhaps you have been through a similar experience, such as waiting to receive your new child through adoption and you meet them, emotions and all, and you know in your heart that he or she is the one. Or when you are searching for a house and you have been to several house openings and then you enter that one and you say “yep, this is the one”.

In our reading this morning, we meet a little known person who knew upon seeing Jesus – at just 40 days old, that He was the one and it brought him so much peace and hope.

Today we are commencing a new series that will take us up till Christmas of the encounters that people had with Jesus as told through Luke’s gospel.

WE don’t know much about Luke who is the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. We do know that Luke he was a doctor and the only non-Jew to write any part of the New Testament.

Both the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts are addressed to the same person, Theophilus (Luke 1:3; Acts 1:1). No one knows exactly who Theophilus was, but we know that Luke’s purpose in writing the two companion books was so that Theophilus would know with certainty about the person and work of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:4).