Reedy Creek Baptist' Arrangements During The Coronavirus


22nd May 2020




Dear Church Family,


On Sunday 19th July, Stage 3 restrictions will allow up to 100 people to attend places of worship at the same time. Many of you are indicating your excitement about coming back again. However, because we have an average of 250 people attend services on Sunday, the Leadership Team have looked into various options and we are of the opinion that offering multiple services on Sundays is the best way forward. Thank you to those who have also shared the multiple service idea with the Leadership Team. We acknowledge that there are several challenges with offering multiple services but believe with sufficient help they will meet our needs during these Stage Three restrictions.


At this stage, we are looking at offering three services each Sunday – two in the morning and one late afternoon.


We would value your feedback regarding your preferred timeslot. Your feedback will not only indicate what times best suit people but how many will be attending each service. In order to assist with further planning for the services, it is really important for as many people as possible to complete this survey by Wednesday the 2nd of June.


In the meantime, continue to watch our Online Services every Sunday at 9am


Press here to go to the survey.


Thank you for your help.


The Leadership Team.



21st May 2020


In relation to the 14th May's Update (see below), please note the following:


  • For leaders of our groups, it is estimated that attendances at larger activities may be less than they were pre-pandemic restrictions. This could be because people are still concerned about their health, others have adopted another lifestyle, while some are experiencing anxiety about returning to a "normal life" particularly about being busy again. As leaders, you need to be understanding and don't push people to come back. Keep praying that God will not only bring back people but new people as well!

  • The maximum number in each Stage (listed below) is per property. This means that we can't have 10 people meeting in the auditorium at the same time as 10 people meeting in the hall. In Stage One its 10 people on the church's property at the same time, 20 people during Stage Two, and 100 people during Stage Three. Paid staff do not need to be included in these figures.  



14th May 2020


I have three updates to share with you. The first is regarding the easing of Queensland’s restrictions and how they apply to us at Reedy.


As of this weekend, Stage One, up to 5 visitors are allowed into homes. This means that any of our Life Groups that have say 7 or fewer people are welcome to meet. However, you need to follow the 4 square metres per person rule and hygiene and physical distancing must be observed.


At the church, up to 10 people can gather. This means Life Groups, Prayer Groups, Worship Teams, can meet together as long as the physical distancing and hygiene rules are observed. Customers to Reedy Care Café are permitted to drink and eat from the tables.


Volunteers are also permitted to serve at the church facilities. It’ll be great to have you back.


That is Stage One. Stage Two basically opens up from 10 to 20 people in homes and at the church. Again, social distancing and hygiene rules still apply. Stage two starts on the 12th of June.


Stage Three which commences on the 10th of July opens gathering to 100 people. This means that all our Life Groups and Ministry Groups are welcome to recommence meeting together. I encourage all our leaders to start planning on coming back for School Term 3. This is exciting to be coming back. Again, social distancing and hygiene rules do apply.


What about Sunday Services? Officially we can come back together from the 12th July but only up to 100 people. We have nearly triple this number on a good Sunday and if everyone turned up, that’s well over quadruple of that 100-restriction number. There are various options such as multiple services, but that option has its challenges such as doubling the music and children’s teams and observing the social distancing rules. Please pray for the Staff and Leadership Team as they discern what will be best for the church. You are welcome to suggest options.


The other update concerns our offerings. A survey was recently conducted with 179 Aussie churches taking part. It asked several questions, one of which was regarding offerings. Nearly three-quarters of churches have experienced their offerings drop by 10% or more. We are one of these churches. Our offerings have dropped by 15% This is to be expected with several families experiencing tougher financials circumstances. This period has been tough for many people. On the positive side, a number of you have swapped over to electronic giving and there are those who save up their offerings envelopes and drop them off at the office. Thank you so much for your ongoing financial support. The church would be in a worst situation if it wasn’t for many who give sacrificially. If you are in the position to give a bit more, that would really help the church. Thank you.


And the final update is what will happen with the Next Generation role now that Andrew has finished. A couple of things have been happening. First, the Leadership Team values our families and desires to see the ministries grow and deepen and so we have conducted a survey to assess their needs and hopes. The results are helpful. Second, the Leadership Team have asked Robbie to have an overseeing role for several of these ministries for an interim period and he has commenced forming a team of people who will be assisting him. Third, the Leadership Team are discerning the information from the survey and our financial situation of possible ways of staffing this important area. Did you know that we have 40 family units that regularly attend Reedy services? That means we have 170 people (parents, younger teenagers, and children) that are a part of this ministry. What an encouraging number of committed people we have at Reedy.


Thanks again for your prayers, support and encouragement. Our church is alive and I’m really looking forward to what God is going to do.


David Moyes



3rd April 2020


In addition to the notices below, the following now applies:


  • Unfortunately, only Reedy Staff can operate from our church's facilities. No volunteers are allowed to serve at our church's facilities which include Reedy Care. We apologise for this but we are under the guidance from the Government and the Baptist Union. However, people are still welcome to drop things off or pick up items from the church's facilities (including Reedy Care), though still obey the social distancing and hygiene rules. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • Reedy Care is still proving food relief for those in need (9am-1pm from Reedy Care and 1pm-5pm from the church office).

  • Online Services will continue but much of the recordings will be done from people's phones in their homes and not at the church. On the first Sunday of each month we will continue to take part in communion during our Online Services. Please have a biscuit (or whatever suits you) and a drink ready to take part.  

  • Easter Services will continue to be special times of remembrance and celebration. Please press here to read what is exactly happening. 




25th March 2020

Dear Church Family,

I trust that this email finds you well during these tough times. 

With the changing advice from the government and guidance from the Baptist Union, I want to update you of what is happening or not happening at Reedy. 

Reedy Creek Baptist's Facilities:

  • There is now no groups that are meeting at the church - this includes youth, brigades, bible studies, church services, playgroups, prayer meetings, etc.

  • Reedy Care is allowed to remain open but Karyn Butcher is in discussions about lessening the opening hours. 

  • The church office will remain open yet our four staff members are now working one day a week from their homes on a rostered basis.

  • Reedy Creek Baptist is open this Saturday as an Election Polling centre. Come down and vote at the church and visit Reedy Care at the same time (as it will be open).


Life Groups (in homes):

  • There is a strong recommendation from the Baptist Union as guided by the Government that Life Groups/Home Groups ought to cease. 


Online Church Service:

  • Due to technical challenges, last Sunday's service was prerecorded (as I highlighted in last Saturday's email). In discussions with similar churches who also encountered Livestream issues, we have decided to pre-record our services on Friday nights and make them live to view from 9am on Sundays.

  • We did have a handful of people who had major sound issues. We apologise for this however at this stage we don't know how to fix it. It appears that the sound problem occurred on older iPhones and a couple of other smartphones. Until we work it out, you may need to watch it on another platform. 

  • 61 people completed the survey, thank you. Press here if you would like to see the results. I have left out the comments as several names are mentioned, etc. The comments and suggestions were very helpful with several ideas to be implemented from this week. Thank you.

  • However, several people asked for a "full band" - unfortunately, this may not be possible due to various members of the worship team cautious about being with others which we thoroughly respect. Others asked for more cameras - we would love to but the technical requirements costs a lot of money. Another person asked for prayer points mentioning names - however, due to the nature of the online service, some may not appreciate their names being mentioned to the general public. However, please read the emailed church newsletter that has personal prayer requests.  

  • From this Sunday, we will be having a video via another YouTube link for the kids! This means that while the adults watch the church service the kids can watch on another device at the same time. 

  • We want to make our Online Service as "Reedy Family" as possible to help us stay connected. One of the ways you can help us in doing this is to send us a brief selfie video of what you and/or your family have been up to during this almost "lockdown" time. For more information about this great idea please press here

  • Links to both this Sunday's Online Service and Reedy Kid's Online will be emailed out later in the week.   


Pastoral Care 

  • We pastors have commenced ringing everyone who regularly attends our church. The purpose of the calls is to find out how you are going and offer to pray with you. Expect a call soon. 

  • However, if you have a pastoral need, please feel free to contact us asap. 

  • Please remember that Reedy Care is available for our church members as well as for the community. If you are in need of food and/or personal hygiene items, games for kids, good books and videos, we are here for you! Thank you for answering our call for food last week. The response has been fantastic.  

  • It has been very encouraging to hear of our church members ringing people that they normally see on Sundays. Some of our Life Groups are experimenting meeting together via online (eg. Facebook, zoom, etc). Let's keep "community" happening.

  • You are encouraged to use the church's prayer chain. We have around 50 people on it who are committed to praying for others. Tony LaRoche is our prayer chain coordinator. To contact him with a prayer need you can either phone/txt him on 0407 530 979 or email at



  • Last week's offering was down by around $2,400. We expected that it would be lower due to people's changing employment and superannuation. First, we care more about you than money. Second, the Leadership Team are planning a revised budget that will need to be accepted by the church members. If you are in the position to give, our details are:  

         Account name:     Reedy Creek Baptist Church

         BSB:                     704-913

         Account Number: 400-018-172

May our Lord protect you and grant you all hope that is found in Christ Jesus. 

David Moyes
On behalf of the Leadership Team




Special Announcement From Our Leadership Team


18th March 2020



Dear Church Family,

Greetings in our Lord’s name!

I am writing on behalf of our Leadership Team regarding their response to the coronavirus. We had a long discussion as we prayerfully discerned advice from local and national doctors, the government, and the Baptist Union. We are taking this very seriously. We also discussed our mandate to be Christ's light to the world. As you would understand, information from the government changes daily and so this notice from us may change at any time.

As of midday today (Wednesday):

Sunday Services


  • Our weekly Sunday 9am Services are cancelled. We appreciate that there will be various opinions about our decision however we are guided by our government and the Baptist Union. It is our plan to “live stream” our services to you starting this Sunday at 9am. We will send you another email later in the week explaining how this works for you. The live stream will feature our pastors leading, praying, and preaching, plus video messages from our missionaries. For however long this lasts, we encourage you to be in the habit of connecting in on Sunday mornings at 9am

  • The pastors are in discussion of how else we can “do church” on Sundays in this current climate.  


Ministry/Life Groups

  • The Leadership Team understands that it is still ok for smaller groups such as our Life Groups, Let's Get Together, Photography, RT's, and Prayer Group can continue as long as all hygiene is strictly followed, no personal contact if possible and that if anyone feels vulnerable and/or isn’t well respectfully don’t attend your group. The Leadership Team asks leaders of each group to discern with their group if they want to continue to meet. If your group decides to stop meeting, please do your best to check up on each other.

  • The Baptist Union has just informed us that we are to suspend all playgroups and youth-related groups.  




  • RCBC events like the Tenterfield Getaway is still to be determined in the next few weeks. 


Pastoral Care


  • Pastoral Visitations, particularly with our vulnerable people with cease for the time being, except in emergencies. 

  • However, our pastors are planning to contact every adult member of Reedy to see how each other are going and for prayer. 

  • If any person has a pastoral need, including practical needs like food, please contact the office. 

  • The pastors will continue to work from the church office if you need them.  


Community Needs


  • Karyn Butcher has agreed to keep Reedy Care open. 

  • The food pantry is certainly available for any church member.

  • We will advertise soon to the community that Reedy Care has food parcels. 

  • Please note that our Food Pantry is running low as there has been an increase in people asking for food. Church people have been generous in donating money to purchase food however we have found it hard to buy food due to the supermarkets being so low on stock. If you are in the position, please drop off food at the church. Thank you.


Church Finances


  • The Leadership Team fully recognises that this current crisis is tough for many. If you are in the position to and/or usually give cash offerings, we kindly ask you to give electronically. 

                 Account name:      Reedy Creek Baptist Church

                 BSB:                      704-913

                 Account Number:  400-018-172

                 Please use reference: "Offering" 


These are certainly challenging times. Please continue to be in prayer for each other and for our community. Already some of our members have lost jobs while others have had their pay reduced. Some of our members (and their children) are quite anxious. As Christians, we are hopeful people because of our God of whom we serve.  As we were reminded a few weeks ago, through the calm and the storms of life, Jesus is in the boat with us (Mark 4:35-41).

The Leadership Team will be meeting regularly to assess the current needs of the church. If you have any concerns, ideas, thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the pastors or members of the leadership team.


David Moyes
On behalf of the Leadership Team