Reedy Creek Baptist Arrangements During Various Restrictions 

14th July 2021


Church from 18th July

A general reminder to maintain social distancing of 1.5m including when socialising after the service, and avoid handshakes and hugs.

Face masks have to be worn. 

From 7 July the Qld govt has mandated the use of the Check-in Qld app at all places of worship. This is the same as when you currently go into a business or café/restaurant. Please see the instructions below. If you don’t have a smartphone or have any issues people at the check-in will be ready to help and get you into the church with minimal delay. The Qld govt will use these details for contact tracing only (should that be required) with RCBC having no access to this information.

Note that from 7 July, anyone attending the church on any day of the week is required to check-in.

  • You already use the Check-in Qld app:

✔check-in on entry to the church, including guests (any adults/children with you)

✔show the checked-in display on your phone to the person at the welcoming desk.

  • You have a smartphone and need to download the Check-in Qld app:

✔ download the app now 👉👉

✔ enter your details once

✔ open the app when you next visit us

✔ select ‘Check in Now’ and hover your smartphone over our QR code, including guests (any adults/children with you). Please see the video below.

✔ show the checked-in display on your phone to the person at the welcoming desk.

  • You do not have a phone or do not wish to use the Check-in Qld app:

✔We can help you check-in. You just need to give your name, phone number and address to the person helping you.

✔Qld govt regulations require that you provide your name, phone or mobile phone number, and email or residential address.

  • Check-out. There is no check-out function on the Check-in Qld app.