Hillcrest Christian College is a ministry of Reedy Creek Baptist Church. The College has been embarking on an exciting journey of growth, innovation and change in recent years.

We are a College that is embracing and redefining 21st Century education, while standing firm on the core values envisioned by our founders over 35 years ago.


In 2016 we unveiled our Five Year Strategic Plan, a plan to cement and connect our history and College ethos with a bold and exciting future. A plan that would see Hillcrest provide a learning environment of world standing, where every student would be equipped to succeed spiritually, educationally, and in their extracurricular pursuits.


Two years into this Strategic Plan and Hillcrest is flourishing. Our reputation in the community is stronger than ever before and our enrollments have increased significantly over the past three years.

Our classrooms are filled with incredible young men and women imbued with character, confidence and concern for their community. Our campus is filled with students who are learning in some of the most amazing educational and extracurricular facilities imaginable. We have been blessed beyond measure and give glory to God for all He began here 35 years ago, and all that He continues to do at Hillcrest Christian College.

  • We are continuing to build our community underpinned by our faith.

  • We are equipping and empowering our people to fulfil their God-given potential.

  • We are maximising student opportunities in our digital learning environment.

  • We are creating learning programs that reflect innovation, diversity and engagement.

  • We are striving to imbue our students with the confidence and skills to excel in modern society.

  • We are taking Hillcrest Christian College to a new phase, anchored by our commitment to the Great Commission of Christ.

There are many wonderful connections between Reedy Creek Baptist Church and Hillcrest Christian College. Click here for more information about our College.