At Reedy Creek Baptist we believe that the best way to connect with and support one another and to learn more about God’s Ways is through doing life together in smaller groups. We call them “Life Groups”.


For further information about which is the most appropriate Life Group for you please complete the online form below.


The Purpose of Life Groups:



1. A Life Group is a Care Group 


It is a place where peoples can gather together to care for one another through encouragement and practical expressions of love and kindness.


2. A Life Group is a Disciple-Making Group 


It is a place where Christians can grow together to become beacons of God’s light through the process of discipling, praying, teaching and mentoring.


3. A Life Group is an Outreach Group 

It is a place where Christians can bring their friends, neighbours and relatives in order for them to experience the life that is in Jesus Christ.



In February to April 2020, the church will be exploring the life and teachings of Jesus as told by Mark. Our Sunday Services and Life Groups will be studying the same topics concurrently. Please view the preview of what will be shown at Life Groups. If you would like to join a Life Group please register your preferences below.