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Introduction to Reedy's Month in Prayer 2022

Hi there Church and thanks for taking part in Reedy’s annual Month in Prayer. Into its ninth year, we commence each January with a call to united prayer for the year ahead. God is good as we’ve seen some amazing answers to our prayers. There’s something special about God people raises their voices in united prayers. Acts 1:14 says how the Early Church “were constantly united in prayer” (Acts 1:14 NLT) and they witnessed some pretty big answers to their prayers.

This year we will be using our stated values and its various statements and verses as a basis for our prayers. This information is available on our website or in this booklet.

Each day, check your Reedy Connect Facebook or our church’s webpage for the specific devotional thoughts and prayers.

For only a few minutes each day let’s be committed to unite our voices to our God in prayer throughout the month of January. Thank you!

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